The Committee 9

THE COMMITTEE – As voted by the AGM on Sat 5th Oct 2019:

1 – OFFICIAL TRUSTEE POSITIONS (4) – Chairman, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer and Official Editor

















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9 thoughts on “The Committee

  • Wendy Brennan

    Dear Astronomer

    I would like to introduce Crystal Nebulae who specialize in producing three-dimensional sculptures of astronomical objects. These are designed by Professor Michael Merrifield an astronomer/Head of the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Nottingham. We are the sole supplier of these sculptures.

    These sculptures hold especial interest for astronomers and would make an ideal Christmas gift and I would therefore be grateful if you could email your astronomy club membership and/or include details in your Newsletter.

    The website can be viewed at The Map of the Universe holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest scale precision map ever produced.

    With thanks for your assistance.

    Best wishes

    Wendy Brennan
    Crystal Nebulae

  • Sirius Observatories Australia

    21 Huntington Street Phone: +61 (0)7 3284 2111
    CLONTARF 4019 Fax: +61 (0)7 3284 4827
    Queensland Email:

    ABN: 94 066 246 400 Website:

    14th June, 2016


    Welcome to Sirius Observatories Australia’s 30th birthday celebration! As 2016 marks our 30th anniversary of
    manufacturing world-class fiberglass observatories, we are pleased to offer our customers an anniversary gift
    of a Free High Wind Kit valued at over AUD$500.00 to every observatory purchased from us.

    Sirius Observatories Australia is one of the most reliable companies in the market today due to our
    superior quality observatories. Here are a couple of testimonies from some of our satisfied customers:

    The observatory has exceeded my expectations. It has been very water proof, even in 100mm downpours.
    The sealing of the wall to floor join was easy. I have had no problems with insects or moisture getting into
    the observatory whilst it has been closed. The electric dome rotation works flawlessly and the storage bays
    provide excellent space for computer, monitor, and drawers. Now that I have electricity connected and lights
    installed the observatory makes a fantastic and comfortable place for exploring the heavens. I would
    unreservedly recommend one to any person considering setting up an observatory. – Peter, Australia

    I’ve got to tell you, it was a good decision purchasing your product. This winter we had gusts of wind in the 75-85mph range.
    The Home Model Dome had no damage or leaks. All the equipment was protected as advertised. – D.B. USA

    From the US to the UK; from Romania to Russia; from Brazil to Bulgaria; and even from Tibet to Taiwan! You can travel
    around all 4 corners of the world and find nearly 900 Sirius observatories taking pride of place at their owners premises,
    from remote country areas, to beside backyard pools, hotels, naval yards, universities, on the tops of mountains, palaces,
    and even at NASA!

    Apart from the superior quality of our observatories, here are another few reasons why our observatories
    are so popular:

    • Superior Fiberglass Construction – we offer the same strength and characteristics of ocean going yachts!
    • Weather Defiant – we waterproof joints to all dome and wall panels and the seal is guaranteed for life!
    • Gelcoat Finish – we use only the best marine-grade gelcoat!
    • Factory Finished and Assembled – our observatories are pre-assembled and made fully operational at our plant prior to shipping to ensure optimum integrity!
    • Durable Portability: Dismantle and Reassemble – simply unbolt all the numbered parts and rebuild at your new location!


    We would also like to offer you an additional 5% product discount just by taking advantage of our
    Free High Wind Kit offer (valued at over AUD$500.00rrp) !!

    So now is the time to grab some huge savings and own an observatory that’s been designed by astronomers for astronomers –
    whether professional or amateur. Don’t let this opportunity slip away as we cannot continue to offer it for long.

    Please contact us on either:

    Telephone: +61-7-3284-2111

    …. And we here at Sirius Observatories Australia wish you all clear skies.

    Kind regards,
    Joe Deregt
    Managing Director
    Sirius Observatories Australia Pty Ltd

  • Neil Haggath

    I’m an amateur astronomer, an astrophysics graduate and a lifelong space enthusiast. I’ve written and self-published a science fiction novel, “Moonsafe Red”, which is getting very good reviews from those who have read it so far.
    On the assumption that many astronomers are likely to be interested in SF, I would appreciate it if you could give this a mention to your members. Details and reviews can be found at
    Thank you.
    Neil Haggath

  • Neil Haggath

    A while ago, I sent you some info about my self-published science fiction novel, “Moonsafe Red”, which I hoped might be of interest to some of your members. I’m writing now to tell you that it’s now available for Kindle, as well as in print. It can be bought from the Amazon Kindle Store for £3.99.
    You can also read reviews on
    I would be grateful if you would share this info with your members.
    Thank you.
    Neil Haggath

  • Andy Lawes Astronomy

    Hi as we are nearing 50 years that man landed on the Moon I would like to draw your attention to our Free exhibition at St Richards Catholic College in Bexhill on Sea on 20th July. I would like to extend an invitation to you do display there and invite your members to come and visit. We have some great speakers including David Whitehouse who will be signing his book Apollo 11:The Inside story, Nick Howes from Aeorlite talking about The Apollo Legacy with Flown artefacts and Dr David Rees talking about the History of Apollo. We also have The StarWars troopers, a free Planetarium, Rocket making, face painting Solar Viewing and much more for a fantastic FREE afternoon.

    For full details see our FB page or contact me on 01424 819450

    Kind regards
    Andy Lawes FRAS
    Founder ESAS
    Founder Astronomy Adventures

  • Andrew Lound

    Dear Sir or madam,

    As COVID-19 Restrictions continue to restrict movement, I have converted a large number of my Odyssey Presentations for performing on the Zoom platform. The presentations will still contain stunning images, music, SFX and video and will be presented in costume with just the same enthusiasm and vigour. Presentations converted for Zoom presentation can be found on my website marked with a ‘Z’

    Booking an Odyssey Zoom Presentation is the same as a regular booking either via e-mail, telephone or by regular mail.

    Due to copyright restrictions presentations may not be recorded.

    I look forward to hear from you and offer a service second to none.

    Best wishes,

    Andrew Lound
    0121 356 5446
    07771 904037

    Talk Radio’s resident space commentator
    BBC Radio WM resident astronomer and space expert

    Odyssey Zoom Presentations bring the universe into your home.

  • Dresina Shewbridge

    Dear Eastbourne Astronomy Society

    I am a previous member of EAS, before my house move
    I am contacting you re: a telescope I own. It’s a Mead catadioptic 9″x2000ml with go-to, tripod, and all attacments as per the original spec. I have been in the process of a protracted house move, and an aquaintance in Eastbourne has kindly been storing it for me in his spacious house. He now wants the space it’s occupying; I’m now in Cheshire; unfortunately, the family member I have on the South Coast is my elderly mother, who is isolating, so I cannot stay with her if I drive to the South Coast, and I’m very reluctant to do the return Cheshire/Sussex journey to collect it in one trip – also I work full-time, so wouldn’t get a chance to recover before returning to work the next day. I’m in covid tier 2 and therefore restricted socially, a further complication.
    I’ve explained the situation to my aquaintance, but he doesn’t seem to grasp the complexities. He has said that unless I remove it by 20 November he will dispose of it.
    I hate to think of a very good telescope being thrown into a skip, so instead I would rather donate it to EAS. My aquaintance lives in Easbourne, so hopefully not too much of an inconvenience for a Society member to collect it.
    I do hope you can save it from an untimely grave, and enjoy a fine telescope. The only attention it would require is the batteries re-charging.
    My aquanitance’s email address is I’m sure he’d be delighted if an EAS member would contact him
    Thank you

    I’ve explained the situation to my aquaintance

  • Dr Peter Altman


    I think that your members might be interested in my new book Mysteries of the Universe – answerable & unanswerable questions and wonder whether you would be agreeable to the following idea.

    The book is a 320 page fully-illustrated paperback retailing at £9.99. I would like to offer this to your members, post free, and with a £1 donation to the Society for every book sold. To make this as simple as possible, I have listed the book on ebay with a full description and some sample pages. As the title is not unique to my book, one needs to search for Mysteries of the Universe by Dr Peter Altman. An image of the book is below.

    I would be happy to discuss this either by email or phone (07808 765301) and look forward to your comments.

    Thanks and kind regards

    Peter Altman
    St Albans, Herts