Lectures 3

The Society Lectures at Willingdon Memorial Hall are generally presentations by highly regarded professional astronomers and astrophysicists – from across the UK and further afield. The lectures are at a level most people can understand and rarely contain any mathematics! The Library is also on display and is open to members for the borrowing and returning of books. Coffee and biscuits are available for a small fee – proceeds to the society.

Location: Willingdon Memorial Hall, Church Street, Willingdon, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN20 9HT


Society Zoom Meeting – TBA
Jul 3 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Society Zoom Meeting – TBA

Due to the current Covid Rules we will, until further notice, host the Monthly Society Meeting via Zoom.

Zoom details for the meeting will not be published on the Web but will be published in Orbit and/or sent via a member email, passwords etc will change each month to keep it more secure. The meeting Waiting Room will be open from about 7:15 to allow members to join before 7:30. Please ensure you have your full name set up in Zoom, so we know who you are. The meeting will be recorded so that Phillip can produce his write-up, and the Zoom Host may Mute you to reduce feedback and allow the speaker to be heard. Questions can be asked via the Chat function, or verbally if Unmuted or by pressing the Spacebar.

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3 thoughts on “Lectures

  • Melanie Davies

    I’d like to attend some of your lectures and wanted to know what you charge for tickets, and if they are available in advance?

    Also, as a space science communicator, I give talks and lectures myself. I can see that your lecture diary is full for the 2015/6, but wondered if you were looking for speakers to give informal talks at your observing events.



    • Terry Webb

      Hi Melanie,

      Sorry only just seen your post. Our meetings are not ticketed and are free for non-members as a try before you buy/join! Although it would be nice to provide a small donation towards costs. Annual membership is only £15 for adults!

      I will bring your offer of speaking to the committee.


      Terry Webb

  • John Shacklock

    Message from member John Shacklock
    Like most members currently under house arrest I cannot attend any meetings at the Memorial Hall for the foreseeable future. I was expecting to see a message on this website that forthcoming lectures are cancelled or postponed. I would be be disappointed but not surprised. Best wishes to the Committee. john