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Membership Benefits

The Society now has over 100 members and we welcome anyone interested in astronomy.

Lecture Meetings are held every month from September/October to July, details of the currently scheduled meetings can be found on the Lectures Page. We usually have a visiting speaker, but we also have talks by our members, slide shows and demonstrations. Part of the evening is set aside for refreshments and informal discussions. There is a well-stocked library of books, magazines and videos, which members can borrow.

We also hold practical observing sessions for both beginners and experienced astronomers alike. Details of these meetings can be found on the Society Observing Page and the Public Observing Page.

The Society produces a newsletter ORBIT, which contains reports of meetings, articles by members, and topical information. Eight or nine issues are produced each year and are emailed to all members. The Society is a member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS) and of the Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS), so we have links with amateur astronomers elsewhere.

Membership Costs – Due from October

Membership costs are reviewed and set each year at the Annual AGM, normally in October. The subscription for 2021/2022 has been set at £15 for adults and £5 for Juniors and Students.

If you are renewing your membership you can either pay at a meeting (by cash or cheque), or post a cheque, or preferably, pay online via BACS. See the application form below for the Society Bank Account Sort Code and Account number – don’t forget to add your name in the Reference Field. When you set up a BACS Payment via Online or Smartphone Banking you can normally choose to make it a regular annual payment (standing order), or a one-off payment – the choice is yours. If you are a new member you could edit the membership form and send it, or a photo, by email to the Treasurer.

Note that we do not have an online VISA/Paypal payment form due to it requiring us to pay a payment processor for the privilege, and our current bank account not allowing the facility.

Becoming a Member

If you would like to join the Society there is an application form available in PDF format. Please click here.

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20 thoughts on “Joining EAS

  • Steve Thornett

    I am contacting you on behalf of Eastbourne Seniors Forum. Your organisation is included in our recently issued Directory of Leisure, Learning and Sports facilities for over 50s which has been sent to over 1000 members (To view go to our website and click on the Directory link) It occurs to me that you might be interested in having a stand at our lifestyle show The Good Life in the Floral Hall of the Winter Gardens on Oct 1st where we are targeting seniors interests in all areas inc clubs and fitness and last year over 700 people attended. To encourage clubs to come we are offering a reduced rate to that shown of a one off payment with booking of £45
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Regards Steve
    Steve Thornett 01323 479846

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  • Roy Fairlie

    I recently moved to Lewes from Teeside and I have been looking for a local astronomy club. I have noted that the the Lewes Astronomy club has observation meetings with the EAS club. However I have hit a problem at the first hurdle! Google Earth does not seem to recognise
    Arlington Village Hall or the gun terrance. As a new comer to the area I am at as loss as to where these places are. Can anyone help with a post code or Google coordinates.

  • chris green

    Hi I’m former member thinking of rejoining Have seen program re quantum lecturer for sixth Feb is it Also have question about origin of a 22 day spinf solar sunspots near equator? Is that likely a notice?

    • Terry Webb

      Hi Chris,

      Just seen your posts. No problem if you want to rejoin. Come along to a meeting to try befog you buy/join. Not sure what your question is but come along and ask it to someone more knowledgeable than me!


      Terry Webb

  • Alan Tierney

    Hello, I have a Helios EQ1 Reflector astronomcal telescope for sale complete with tripod, several lenses and a clock drive. I f you are interested, call Alan on 07443645759 or email. It can be seen at the Sovereign Harbour.

  • Julianne

    My daughter is doing Astronomy GCSE online at home and needs to do practical observations in preparation for the exam. If she joined as a member, would it be possible for her to cover the exam observations during meetings? (It does not need to be assessed as this is done during the exam at the end of the course. She just needs to have done them)

    • Terry Webb

      Hi Julianne,

      Sorry for the late reply. No problem if your daughter wants to undertake some of her GCSE studies with our group. Presume you realise that our observing sessions are at The Redoubt Fortress, and Arlington Village Hall – you can see the dates on this website or our Facebook Page. For example we are at the Redoubt this Saturday evening – 24th Feb.

      What sort of observations does she need to make for the GCSE? I’m sure if she needs any help, any of our members would be only too willing to help.

      If you print off and fill in a joining form from the website you can bring it along with you at any meeting or observing session.



  • manjula Moon

    Hi. I used to come along to lectures . My email has changed as the other is not working. I have lost contact with Bobb who used to advise me on how to get there . Am wanting to join again. Please contact me.

  • Mark McB

    84mm Newtonian reflector on wooden tripod with an equatorial mount offered free to a good home. She’s an old girl and has spent most of her life in a cupboard. Not perfect but fully functional and have just tested against the moon with excellent results. 2 eyepieces. Ideal to enthuse a youngster with an interest in astronomy. Email if interested or would like a photo – Pickup from Hailsham. Rgrds Mark.

  • Reg Valin

    I am planning a move to Eastbourne and am looking for somewhere where I could safely store and use my telescope

    Might you have any suggestions ?

    • Terry Webb

      Hi Reg,

      Sorry I do not know of anyone that supplies that kind of service in the UK. Most people of course store their own telescopes at home in a shed, garage or observatory, or at some dark sky site they own.

      There are service providers abroad in Spain etc, where they have better skies, where you can setup your scope and remotely access it across the internet using the appropriate software e.g. e-EYE


      Terry Webb

  • Sally Boys (Member of Eastbourne Downland Group)

    I hope this is the right place to leave this message, if not please pass on to the relevant person.
    I am involved in the Eastbourne Walkfest 2020 which we are expecting to go ahead in September, from 18th – 29th.
    The festival is organised by EBC and Lewes District Council. The website will give you more information: There are no walks advertised at the moment.
    We wondered if you would, in theory at this stage, be willing to head a star-gazing evening perhaps at Birling Gap?
    In the past, the walks/events have attracted mixed age groups and the festival includes two weekends. They vary considerably and many involve downland walks with different themes.
    At the moment we are at the planning stage and would be grateful if you could let me know if you think this may be of interest which we very much hope you will be.
    If this year’s festival goes ahead we would expect more interest than previous years in which case it would be great publicity for the Society!

    Many thanks

  • Kerry Webb


    This is a message for the Treasurer. We are sending over 4 adult joining fees, 4 x £5, along with personal details on individual joining forms. The form says we are to inform the Treasurer. If these forms do not come across, along with payment, please contact me on details below. Many thanks. Kerry.

  • Julie Humphreys

    Good afternoon our Dad was a member of your society a number of years ago and following his sad passing, we have a telescope we wondered if you would like for your new members to use.
    Kind regards

  • Elizabeth Gleave


    I was wondering if you had an email address I could send information to regarding an upcoming event we are running at Land art Collective about sustainable futures in outer space?

    Many thanks,


  • Tony Rix

    I am interested in becoming a member, and your website shows fee is £5 for 2021. I assume that this is for 12 months
    My main reservation is that I do not have a car, and can therefore only use public transport. I live near Eastbourne town centre, so this is readily available
    But would this take me to all meeting sites? Or is there any other member who could help please?