Society Zoom Meeting – Wonders of the Southern Sky – Prof. Ian Morison

February 6, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Society Zoom Meeting – Wonders of the Southern Sky – Prof. Ian Morison

A look at some of the most interesting objects in the southern skies partially illustrated with the images taken by the speaker from New Zealand.

Prof. Ian Morison FRAS is an astronomer and astrophysicist who served as the 35th Gresham Professor of Astronomy. Though a radio astronomer by profession, now in his 54th year at the Jodrell Bank Observatory of the University of Manchester, he has been a keen amateur optical astronomer since making his first simple telescope with lenses given to him by his optician when 11 or 12. In 1990 he helped found the Macclesfield Astronomy Society of which he is now patron and he is a past president of the UK’s Society for Popular Astronomy, now acting as its Instrument and Imaging Advisor. He writes a regular ‘Telescope Topics’ column for ‘Popular Astronomy’ and has made many contributions to the ‘Sky at Night’ and ‘Astronomy Now’ magazines.

Due to the current Covid Rules we will, until further notice, host the Monthly Society Meeting via Zoom.

Zoom details for the meeting will not be published on the Web but will be published in Orbit and/or sent via a member email, passwords etc will change each month to keep it more secure. The meeting Waiting Room will be open from about 7:15 to allow members to join before 7:30. Please ensure you have your full name set up in Zoom, so we know who you are. The meeting will be recorded so that Phillip can produce his write-up, and the Zoom Host may Mute you to reduce feedback and allow the speaker to be heard. Questions can be asked via the Chat function, or verbally if Unmuted or by pressing the Spacebar.

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