Society Lecture – Quark Stars and Strange Matter – Paul Fellows MA Dcs FIET FRAS

December 11, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Willingdon Memorial Hall

SOCIETY LECTURE – Quark Stars and Strange Matter – Paul Fellows MA Dcs FIET FRAS

Synopsis: A talk about the intriguing possibility that there are intermediate forms of collapsed star that are more dense than neutron stars, and lie between these and black holes in the stellar zoo. Paul presents the astrophysics of neutron stars in a non-mathematical, but still accurate manner, and then relates this to the possibility that quark matter may form and be in some cases preferred to neutron matter – and then the tentative evidence for the recent discoveries of such “Quark Stars”.

Biography: Having built his first telescope aged 14 and experiencing the “wow” moment of seeing the rings of Saturn for the first time, he has been stargazing for some 40 years and has his own private observatory where he images the sky, taking pictures of galaxies, clusters, nebulae and planets. Many of his own images will appear in his talks.

Paul co-presents the public observing evenings at the University of Cambridge, leading the live outdoor shows every week or giving indoor presentations when the clouds roll in! Either way these attract audiences of 200+ on a regular basis and are aimed to appeal to people of all levels from the complete beginner who wants to know where to start, yet hopefully adding something even for the more knowledgeable.

He is also a regular speaker on board Queen Mary 2 for Cunard Line.

Paul holds a Master’s degree in natural sciences and a post-graduate degree in computer science from the University of Cambridge, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and chairman of the Cambridge Astronomical Association.

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