Society Lecture – Arrokoth and the Sentinels – Greg Smye-Rumsby

November 13, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Willingdon Memorial Hall

SOCIETY LECTURE – Arrokoth and the Sentinels – Greg Smye-Rumsby (Royal Observatory, Greenwich; Orpington Astronomical Society)

Synopsis: The formative years of the Solar System is still poorly understood. As we learn more our comprehension becomes more focused. Missions sent to study distant small worlds fills in much of the detail and the more sophisticated the suite of instruments designed to study them the better our understanding.

And so in 2006 New Horizons was launched, its remit – to study Pluto, its moon Charon and any other smaller moons that might be discovered en-route. But it was also clear that other more distant targets should be sought with a view to see these tiny frozen worlds close up. Being essentially extremely old and unaltered, these relics might be the key to how the planets formed.

This is that story.

About the Speaker: Greg is a graphic and website designer by profession and a technical illustrator for Astronomy Now magazine. He presents planetarium shows at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and is President of the Orpington Astronomical Society.
He has spoken at EAS meetings on several previous occasions, the most recent being in October 2016 when his subject was The History of Longitude.

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