Astro Photos – Neil Richardson 4

4 thoughts on “Astro Photos – Neil Richardson

  • Ken Burnett

    I am very interested in joining this group as I wish to learn night photography (astrophotography), any help advice etc appreciated.
    I currently have a Canon 1100d, I am also thinking of gettinga Telescope, so any advice on this appreciated too.
    Many thanks

    • Neil

      Hello Ken
      I know this reply is very late, I’ve only just noticed that this message was even here. If you still interested e-mail me

    • Tarnia Hassell

      Hi Ken & anyone (I know this is an old post )
      I’m also interested in learning about astrophotography, don’t know where to begin. I have a Nikon D3100 . Have been told I don’t need a telescope?? Help!

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